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The renaissance logotype

wedding portrait commercial photographers Hotshots Creative Photography Logotype

Hotshots Creative Photography was birthed out of Legal Graffiti Design in 1994.

The vision formed prior to the computer revolution when Ian created a “One-stop shop” (for Graphic Design and Photography) on the back of a Government grant.

He envisaged a need for business and the private sector to have their needs serviced in Warkworth, (a then small country town) rather than traveling to Auckland city professionals. Hotshots commercial and people photography began flourishing through the 90s and the first decade and a half of 2000 until Ians’ lifelong bout of mental health issues surfaced and almost destroyed the vision.

After the long road out this renaissance has become a welcome buzz back to creative Photography and Fine art.
Hotshots people photographers

Ian Anderson
Hotshots people photographers
Ian Anderson Fine Artist Photographer

Prior to Ian’s commercial successes, he learned artist-craftsman skills in the hippy drug culture of Australia and New Zealand.

A deeply moving spiritual experience transformed his life direction and before long he became a graphic artist, campaign designer, illustrator, and craftsman with news media and commercial studios.

Ian’s accolades include assistant art and creative director, fashion and editorial illustrator, political cartoonist, campaign director, craftsman, and general artist and photographer.  Initially stubborn, he reluctantly migrated from the drafting drawing board into the new technology of digital cameras and computers.

His photographic skills developed from a passion to photograph nature. He is mostly self-taught (through multiple bloopers) and had huge input from peers in the industry. He won numerous awards which morphed into a career in wedding, commercial, and portraiture photography.

Anna Thoroughgood
Hotshots people photographers
Anna Thoroughgood Photographer

I’m passionate about photography! I love how it facilitates stopping time for a split second and keeping that moment forever. Sometimes instants that pass too fast to see will be frozen by a camera… and we get insights into another world. 

I was gifted my first camera in 2008 and picked up skills along the way. I completed a photography course with The Photography Institute NZ in 2017 and learned many skills from listening to photography judges doing their thing, and working with photographer Ian Anderson.

The beauty of Creation is endless, and I love to capture some of its many shapes and forms, with people, animals, and the great outdoors. 

Fine Art panorama at Tawharanui Regional Park Anchor Bay
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